Buying insurance can be a big decision.

When a client purchases insurance from a broker, they are instilling their trust in that person that what they are buying will protect them from any financial loss, no matter how catastrophic.
Most of the time, what's being insured represents a large portion of that client's assets.

Who We Are

Opened in 2016 and located in Oviedo, Florida, not far from Orlando, Lightship Maritime is a specialty marine insurance agency serving the Southeastern U.S., Caribbean and Central America.

Our mission is to help clients with their marine insurance requirements by discussing their business operations, where we see risk exposures and then suggesting the appropriate insurance products that cover those risks and protect our clients from unforeseen financial losses.
This is further helped by the fact we maintain excellent relationships with a number of insurance companies, both in the U.S. and abroad, allowing us to procure insurance with the best combination of pricing, broad coverage terms and security.

We strive to earn that trust by listening to our clients, giving honest assessments of their potential risks and then using our integrity and reputation to find them the best policy or policies. By earning that trust we form business relationships with each and everyone of our clients.
Despite having been opened in 2016, Lightship Maritime’s roots go back even further. Our founder, Brian Raby, is a second generation marine insurance broker having started his marine insurance career working for his father – Ron Raby.

Ron had been in the marine insurance industry since 1966, first working for the Insurance Company of North America (INA, now CIGNA) as an underwriter in Tampa and then switching to become a marine insurance broker, relocating to Jacksonville. In his career he worked for a few different marine insurance agencies and even started and ran a few of his own, namely World Wide Marine Insurance, Inc. and then Maritime Insurers, Inc.

In 1990, he relocated to Orlando and started Marine Underwriters, Inc. with a partner named Bob DiGirolamo who had his own agency, Ocean Marine and Excess, Inc. Marine Underwriters was a retail agency and helped clients directly while Ocean Marine and Excess was a wholesale agency and assisted other brokers with marine insurance requests.

In a word – experience. Lightship Maritime is owned and operated by Brian Raby. Brian is a second generation marine insurance specialist with over 20 years’ experience offering his clients honest risk assessment and access to many different insurance companies.