Continuing a Family Tradition

Protecting Assets, Since 1966

Brian Raby, the founder of Lightship Maritime, was born into the marine insurance industry.

Son of longtime industry veteran Ron Raby, Brian entered the business at an early age. Learning and working alongside his father, Brian was taught firsthand the value of building trust and maintaining professionalism. In 1994, Brian officially joined his father’s company and began to work his way through studying the different forms of insurance policy drafting, risk analysis development, and portfolio negotiation.

Decades of Experience.

Learning From The Best

In 1999, Brian took a year-long apprenticeship in Newcastle, England with leading commercial fishing vessel insurer Sunderland Marine Insurance Company. Here, Brian developed his first-hand understanding of the unique commercial fishing vessel insurance industry.

Furthering his learning, Brian observed underwriters at Lloyds of London, attended North of England’s P&I Distance Learning Course, and completed Marsh’s Marine Insurance Course in Norwich, England.

"Marine Underwriters and Lightship Maritime has been a fixture of marine insurance in the Dean Family for the last 45 years. My father, the late Captain Ernest Dean began marine insurance with the late Mr. Ron Raby in 1972; forging a relationship based on trust, reliability, and most of all, the knowledge that they always had our best interest at heart. These core values and dedication to outstanding service have since carried over into the second generation, as we at Dean’s Shipping Co. Ltd. continue to rely on the professionalism and high quality of service that Mr. Brian Raby provides at Lightship Maritime. We can be assured of his depth of experience, integrity, and commitment to the same high standards of insurance handling as his father. Because of this, we look forward to a long lasting business relationship and marine insurance for generations to come."

- ERNEST DEAN JR. / Dean's Shipping Co

A New Identity.

Building a Strong Reputation

Rejoining his father’s business stateside, Brian focused the next nine years on building their core customer base and strengthening their industry reputation. In 2009, they sold to Sunderland Marine Mutual. For the next seven years, Brian continued to help grow the business, during which time the principal company was purchased by North of England P&I Club.

Finally, in 2016, Brian seized the opportunity to purchase back the family business and on August 1, 2016, Marine Underwriters formally became Lightship Maritime, Inc.