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A growing recreational sport in the last two decades, scuba diving is quite popular worldwide. As part of this growing billion-dollar industry, you enjoy taking passengers out to some to popular dive sites. From wrecks to reefs, your clients get to experience all the beauty and diverseness of mother nature underwater. 

But scuba diving can be a dangerous sport as well. Fatalities and accidents do occur with the most common causes being poor gas management, poor buoyancy control, not using equipment correctly, poor diver health and rough weather conditions.

As a Dive Boat or Dive Shop owner, you could be responsible for the deaths or accidents of your clients.  An accident or fatality can impact you greatly, as lost income, medical care and expensive attorney’s fees can quickly get out of hand. As an insurance partner, we have a very comprehensive insurance product that covers both Dive Boat owners and Dive Shop owners fully. We tailor policies to make certain that all aspects of your operation are covered and to prevent any catastrophic accidents from negatively affecting you. 

You’re in business to give your clients a unique and fun filled journey. We’re there to protect you if things go wrong.

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