Seafood Distributors and Processors

With the U.S being the second largest consumer of seafood internationally, your business helps feed a hungry populace. You rely on a steady supply of fresh fish and shellfish, buying them from fishermen or importing them from overseas. Keeping your seafood frozen or fresh is if utmost impotence. And with a trend by the general public to eat fresh food, the last thing you need it to get someone sick.

Whether you are a Processor, Distributor, a Retail Market or a combination of any of these, a break in the supply chain or a massive loss of product can cause financial disaster and reputational loss. With our experience in the commercial fishing industry, our office can work with you to help identify risk exposures in your business and match them with an insurance product that minimizes financial loss to you.

Coverages We Offer

Property and Contents

Docks and Piers

Commercial General Liability

Marine General Liability

Warehouse Liability

Business Operations Policies (BOP)

Business Income Loss


Contractor’s Equipment

Commercial Autos

Commercial Auto Liability

Boiler and Machinery

Stock Throughput

Trade Disruption

Cyber Liability

D&O Liability

Worker’s Compensation



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