Commercial Fishing Boats

Keeping your boat afloat, no matter what lies ahead.

Commercial Fishing Boats

Commercial fishing is rated as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. As a fisherman, you face a gauntlet of physical and financial challenges daily just to make a living. Working sun up to sun down and heading out to sea for up to 60 days at a time, you’re pushed to your physical limits while constantly catching elusive prey. On top of that, fishing is a gamble – you never know when a fishing trip will be profitable or not.

With all of these factors to consider, the last thing you need to worry about is what happens if you get into trouble. Whether running aground, sustaining storm damage or having a crew member get injured, you need to feel like you have a partner to help you along. Lightship Maritime has specialized in writing insurance on commercial fishing boats for over 25 years. We get that time is of the essence when claims occur, so on our end, it’s “all hands on deck”. A boat that sits doesn’t make money so it’s crucial to get you back out fishing, especially in the middle of a season.

Contact us, and we’ll be glad to discuss your operation, offer advice, collect paperwork and get you quotes with reputable companies that know commercial fishing.

Coverage We Offer

Hull and Machinery

Protection & Indemnity

Paid Crew Coverage

Maintenance and Cure Coverage

Pollution Coverage

Breach of Warranty

Stock Throughput Coverage

Ocean Cargo Coverage

Maritime Employer’s Liability (MEL)

Aviation Hull and Liability (Spotter Aircraft / Helicopters)

Loss of Revenue

Industry Knowledge

Trade Leadership

Asset Protection

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