Ferries and Passenger Boats

Protect your most valuable cargo of all – human lives.

Ferries and Passenger Boats

Instead of moving cargo, you move people. And your job is to make certain your passengers stay safe, enjoy the ride and feel like they got a great deal. But there is a lot that goes into your business to make it successful. You have to make sure your boat is in pristine order without mechanical or seaworthiness issues. Your business has to comply with U.S. Coast Guard regulations and international maritime conventions. And there also has to be a plan in place if the weather turns.

Having insurance can cover these issues should catastrophe strike. But having the right insurance partner, like us, can ensure that you have the right insurance products in place to kick in when the time is needed. Liability insurance can cover medical bills for injured passengers and defend you if they opt to sue for damages. We also have the ability to use our network of surveyors and loss risk adjusters to review and suggest any changes that could enhance the safety of the ship.

Contact us and we can discuss how we can be your insurance partner now and for the future of your company.

Coverage We Offer

Hull and Machinery

Protection & Indemnity

Medical Payments

Equipment Coverages

Personal Effects

Uninsured Boater’s Coverage

Paid Crew Coverage

Maintenance and Cure Coverage

Swimming and Snorkeling Coverage

Pollution Coverages

Industry Knowledge

Trade Leadership

Asset Protection

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