Pleasure Boats and Yachts

Avoid turbulent waters with the right yacht insurance policy.

You earned your own boat. You take pride in it, enjoy it and admire how it looks. In some circles, it’s a status symbol – a sign you’ve made it in life. Most of all, it’s fun! Who can resist the freedom and adventure of racing a yacht over the open ocean while the salt spray washes over you? It’s your tool to making everlasting memories and your ticket to get away from it all.

A yacht also represents a significant investment on your part. It’s no secret that owning a yacht is an expensive venture, so protecting this investment is important. You need an insurance broker that knows the market and can help you find the best comprehensive policy at a decent price. Lightship Maritime brings over 20 years of experience in yacht insurance. Whether you own a yacht (21’ – 80’), a mega yacht (81’-147’) or a super yacht (148’+), we can help ensure you have the protection you require when a catastrophe occurs.

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Coverage we offer:

Hull and Machinery

Protection & Indemnity (P & I)

Trailer Coverage

Tenders and Dinghies

Medical Payments

Equipment Coverages

Personal Effects

Uninsured Boater’s Coverage

Paid Crew Coverage

Maintenance and Cure Coverage

Swimming and Snorkeling Coverage

Pollution Coverages

Industry Knowledge

Trade Leadership

Asset Protection

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