Keep an even keel in the chaotic world of vessel building and repair.


A shipyard is one of the most vital elements of the marine industry. But they are also a frenzy of workers, welders, trucks, cranes, scissor lifts, forklifts and other machinery. For all of this commotion, accidents do happen, and people make mistakes. Not only is there potential for injury, those vessels left with you for repair become your responsibility. Should damage come to them, this can cause all kinds of problems with your clients, especially if you are found to be at fault. And any work done on the boat that causes it to sustain damage after it leaves your yard could come back to haunt you.

You need an insurance partner who understands what you do and what your risks are. Using our expertise, industry knowledge and network of reputable insurance companies, we can put together a package of insurance that significantly reduces your financial exposure to claims that could, otherwise, ruin your company very quickly. Running a shipyard is not for the faint of heart but it also doesn’t mean you can’t operate without a safety net either.

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Coverage We Offer

Ship Repairer’s Liability

Hull Builder’s Risk

Marine General Liability (MGL)

Maritime Employer’s Liability (MEL)

Wharfinger’s Liability

Docks and Piers Coverage

Worker’s Compensation

Employer’s Liability

U.S. Longshore and Harborworkers (USL&H) Coverage

Contractor’s Equipment

Environmental Impairment Liability


Loss of Revenue

Industry Knowledge

Trade Leadership

Asset Protection

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