Freighters & Cargo Ship

Keep your boat above water with the right coverage.

Freighters & Cargo Ship

You work hard to help keep the world’s economy in motion. Every day, buyers and sellers arrange to trade goods internationally and you ensure those goods get to their intended destinations in a safe and timely manner. Because the cargo is touched so many different times during the course of its voyage, risk is always prevalent through damage, theft or rough weather. On top of this, you’re subjected to strict laws and regulations through IMO or U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Because of all these moving parts, you need an experienced marine insurance broker who can review your operations, identify risk exposures and suggest insurance products to help minimize your liability. Lightship Maritime has the experience and knowledge to be your business partner. With our oldest cargo ship client relationship spanning decades, our record speaks for itself.

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Coverage We Offer

Hull and Machinery

Protection & Indemnity

Paid Crew Coverage

Maintenance and Cure Coverage

Pollution Coverage

Breach of Warranty

Ocean Cargo Coverage

Maritime Employer’s Liability (MEL)

Marine General Liability (MGL)

Stevedore and Terminal Operator’s Liability

Warehouse Liability

Contractor’s Equipment

Container Physical Damage and Liability

Environmental Impairment Liability

Loss of Revenue

Industry Knowledge

Trade Leadership

Asset Protection

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