Tugboats, Push Boats & Barges

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Tugboats, Push Boats & Barges

You operate some of the most powerful machines in the world, transporting cargo, pushing or pulling barges or ensuring ships of all varieties safely dock in and out of the world’s harbors. On top of that, you’re responsible for your client’s assets — one miscalculated move and you can end up costing them a lot of money and costing yourself your reputation. You need airtight contracts that accurately identify the work being conducted and where the liability falls if something goes wrong.

Our team brings over 25 years of experience in commercial marine insurance, making sure claims get handled quickly and efficiently. We can review your contract and let you know our professional opinion from an insurance point of view. We can also pull from our network of well-known third party maritime attorneys if you don’t already have an attorney yourself. We’ll help minimize your responsibilities and find the insurance you need for the liability you must assume.

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Coverage We Offer

Hull and Machinery

Protection & Indemnity

Paid Crew Coverage

Maintenance and Cure Coverage

Pollution Coverage

Breach of Warranty

Ocean Cargo Coverage

Maritime Employer’s Liability (MEL)

Marine General Liability (MGL)

Contractor’s Equipment

Loss of Revenue

Industry Knowledge

Trade Leadership

Asset Protection

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