Rhonda Mankus

Rhonda Mankus

Account Executive

Rhonda joined Lightship Maritime in 2022, bringing experience from her tenure at Thames Batre, an insurance brokerage based in Mobile, Alabama. Having dedicated her career to Personal Lines, Rhonda embraced the challenge of expanding her expertise into Marine Insurance, driven by a desire to broaden her knowledge and enhance her skill set.

Her shift from Personal Lines to Marine Insurance has showcased her adaptability and ability to navigate a steep learning curve, underscoring her dedication to professional growth. Rhonda now channels her efforts into supporting Lightship Maritime's smaller commercial clients, where her enthusiasm and commitment have earned her the role of Account Executive.

Rhonda’s willingness to delve into the intricacies of Marine Insurance has not only enriched her understanding but also enabled her to serve as a valuable resource for both clients and colleagues. Her approach and commitment to learning have played a crucial role in the growth and development of Lightship Maritime's marine insurance services.

Rhonda's journey illustrates her dedication to providing exceptional service and guidance, ensuring that Lightship Maritime's clients receive the most informed and comprehensive support possible.